Telling the Story

The research paper, What’s it Like to Teach in a School Graded D? is the catalyst that opened the door to more research that focused on all of Indiana’s schools. If one only reads the Indianapolis Star newspaper one would come to the conclusion that Indiana’s schools are in dire condition. As more and more digging reveals, our schools are really doing pretty well.

More specifically, the question we discussed in the four-teacher team that really caused further research into Indiana schools resulted from the teacher’s strong claim that the school grading system was not fair because it did not consider socioeconomic conditions of their students. What is the relationship between the poverty level of the students and their ability to master the material well enough to pass the standardized state exam – ISTEP (Indiana Statewide Testing For Educational Progress). Is there an inevitable curse placed on low income students that cannot be broken. This research will reveal the answer to this very important question.

The analysis that focuses on this topic and several others is not a part of the paper itself. It covered in the author’s PowerPoint presentation and in this website.