Three types of downloads are available in this portion of the site:

1. The original paper and the Power Point presentation given by the author.

2. All of the “data” dealing with Indiana schools was drawn from the public domain. Some readers may want to check this work while others may want to do their own analyses. For these reasons, the primary data sources are here for the taking.

3.In addition there are interesting articles that will help to shed light on the issues and solutions to some of the problems outlined on this web site.

Paper and Presentation

To download, simply click on the line of the document/database you wish to peruse.

Download the original paper that is the basis for this web site – it is a WORD.doc document

What’s It Like To Teach In A School Graded D, Final Version.doc

Download the Power Point presentation used by the author.

Master Presentation - What's It Like.ppt

View the Power Point presentation used by the author.

Master Presentation - What's It Like

Data Files Used in this Research

These are the Excel files that will provide the data needed to replicate the work on this web site.  The first files are the original files from which data was extracted to obtain the current working files.

Original Data Files

This file is the source of all the free and reduced meal percent data.  Since the author could not find a file that merged school grades and free and reduced meal percentages a great deal of manual effort was spent moving these 2100 meal percent data values to the grade file.

All Schools -free-and-reduced-data-1.pdf

The 2013-2014 analysis the new 2014 data on free and reduced percents did not use the report similar to the one above. The author decided not to use this 125 page report because some of the data was no longer valid, for example the Indianapolis Public Schools, by policy, set all schools to 100% free and reduced.  A seemingly better source of data is available at the web site:  Using this web site requires one to “look up” each individual school and enter the data into the Excel data base containing the school grades.  This task too 25 hours of tedious work.

Working Data Files

What is needed to conduct the analysis is a file of all schools with the free and reduced meal percent and the associated school grade.  Here are two such files, one for the school year 2013-2014 and another for the year 2012-2013. When opening either of these files they can be viewed using Google Sheets (Excel like viewing) or they can be downloaded then opened using Excel.

Master File of 2013-2014 Grades vs Lunch Data

Master File School Grade + Meal Percent 2012-2013

This file was the basis of the analysis that points out that 10 Indiana school districts account for 55% of the Ds and Fs for the whole state.  If this were a business many resources and talent would be assigned to these to districts in order to get a “big bang for the buck”.

Sorted School Grades percent D & F.xls

The following is the Hit Parade of Outstanding Schools.  These are ‘A’ schools that have overcome the restrictions of poverty to better educate their children.


Hit Parade of Indiana Schools 2013-2014

Hit parade of Indiana Schools 2012-2013